How to replace spark plugs?

Using the right tools, almost everyone can handle serviceability. An easy thing to do is replace the spark plugs. They should be changed every 50,000 miles, usually when your car gets a overhaul. If I have problems with starting the car, it is likely to be the spark plugs.

How to replace spark plugs? How to replace spark plugs


Removal of old spark plugs:

Pull the lever under the dashboard hood, bottom left.

Go in front of the car and put his hand under the hood. You should find a small handle. Pull it toward you to open the hood.

Find where the spark plugs are available usually are put in line on one side of the engine (they are attached to a series of thick wire). Motor car will have V-shaped plugs on both sides of the engine.

Remove one spark plug at a time and make sure you put back the cover (sheet) so you will change.

Take one of the thicker wires. You’ll notice at the bottom of the thread a rubber cap. Pull the thread he or it may break the wire and contacts.

Blow and remove the cylinder where the spark plug was placed. You do not want to get any dust or dirt in it while it is the spark plug removed.

With a wrench, remove the spark plug. Rotates counterclockwise. You may need an extension of the key if the spark plugs are not easily accessible. Keys that have flexible heads are best for tight spaces.

Check to make sure the spark plugs need to be changed. The waste had a layer of green or brown. If a thick layer, or if they are black and the electrode is destroyed, then you really need to change them.

Replacing spark plugs:

Search in manual car space required between the two electrodes of the spark – the space between the central and lateral. It is possible that the directions to find them stuck on the hood.

Measure the space between the two electrodes by using a tape measure or a caliper.

If the space between the electrodes is too high uses a patent to bend the side electrode, and if it is too small to do the same but greater distance.

Do this until space is correct.

Installing new spark plugs:

Strange each spark plug by hand. If you resist removing it and reposition it to avoid to screw crooked.

Strange plug with a wrench, but not too tight.

Attach spark plug wires (chips). You hear a click when it is fixed.

Start the engine. If strange noises or does not start, make sure that the wires are attached correctly.

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