How to polish your car?

The above title may make you scratch your head if you’re not familiar with the terms self. Not only children use pieces of clay. Clay is used to highlight the details paint. Even the best paint is not exempt from attracting contaminants in nature.

Once the car leaves the factory towards your home is exposed to some environmental factors such as pollution, asphalt and other contaminants that can not be seen by the human eye. A simple test will make you understand what it is. Walk your hand on the painted surface of the car. Now take a pair of gloves and run your hand again. Now you probably feel those little bumps. At this refers paint contamination.

How to polish your car

When dirt or asphalt elements gather together on the car surface, it creates a connection and can start the process of oxidation. When oxidation is started, washing area will not help much and will not be able to remove contaminants factors. Even the best treatments based wax will not be able to remove those contaminants. You have two options at this point, either use a polishing compound or a clay bar. Polishing compounds contain strong chemicals which not only removes contaminants but also some of the paint. On the other hand, stick clay is harmless to painted surface, removing contaminants quickly and in a convenient without causing damage to the surface.

There are different types of clay used for cleaning the market. The most common is the one used for removing contaminants poor risk, moderate. This type has an abrasive surface which is very poor and such but will not produce scratches. Car dealers advise customers to purchase monthly cleaning clay so as to obtain the best results. You can use clay for cleaning and exterior windows. Remove all signs left by the environment.

Care and caution must be exercised when it comes to using clay. Improper use can result in damage. This is especially true when using professional products. It may cause damage if used inappropriately surface. This type of clay is designed to be used by specialists only.

Remember that not only is the only clay cleaning ingredient to a smooth surface. Might be needed and seek to get best results. Clay is only one step. Surface must be clean and free from contaminants before use wax or polish. Search the internet the best brands available on the market. Nice polish!

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