How to fix a transmission leak?

If you have a transmission leak, you’re dealing with a transmission fluid leak. In most cases, the leak is caused by a crack in the transmission cover causing the leak. Although it seems to be a minor problem, transmission leak can cause a number of other issues that may prevent proper operation of your vehicle. Here’s how to repair a transmission leak!

How to fix a transmission leak

Tools and materials required: anti-leak transmission fluid, funnel, new cover, seal or gasket new new key oil collector or an empty container, screws us.

Step 1. Check for leaks. Before finding out where it’s leaking, you need to find out if there is a leak in the transmission. To do this, drive the car on a level surface. After you have stopped the engine, the liquid will begin to flow if there is a leak. Leakage can occur in the front or back of the transmission.

Step 2. Assess the severity of the leak. Find out if the leak is small or large. If minor leaks will notice a small number of drops drip, but if the higher you will notice a real pool of liquid.

Step 3. Find out where the leak occurs. Find out where the leak occurs, so you will know which side to be repaired.

Step 4. Drain the transmission oil. To repair a transmission leak should leak transmission fluid. Raise the vehicle with the jack and consolidates it with support. Find gearbox and drain the oil. Make sure you keep the oil collector or empty container as below, to retain the oil that is leaking from the engine.

Step 5. Replace the gasket. Remove the screws from the sump using a key. Once you have removed the oil pan, check the drain plug gasket. lnlocuieste old gasket with a new one. Drain plug gasket used or over-used can cause transmission leak. Seal gasket to make sure that it is well positioned and do not stay open spaces.

Step 6. Check the threads of screws. You need to check and bolt threads. And this can cause leakage. Replace the screws with new ones.

Step 7. Change the transmission fluid. You can put the lid on. Fix oil pan and refill transmission fluid back anti-leakage. Anti-leak fluid is an additive that prevents cracks in the cap, and thus preventing leakage. Use a funnel to refill the transmission without sprinkle around.

If you need more help, get the service manual for your Nissan from here ->

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