How to change the drive belt?

Should change the belt at least once a year. If you hear a squeak from the engine, then it means that either the drive belt is weak or is very worn. The process of changing the belt is relatively simple. Just remember how the show before.


1. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.

2. You need to identify if you have a serpentine or a fan. You can tell if you have a serpentine system simply because you will see more strap mounted on pulleys and rollers and will have a serpentine shape. A system fan will have more straps attached each to some pulleys and rotated.

3. You have to lose track tense belt. The belt will weaken by loosening a screw that holds a pulley in position to tighten their belts. At a ventilation system, there will be one screw for each belt tensioning, including one that will keep the alternator in place. The serpentine system there will be only one screw tensioner. Consult the owner’s manual.

4. Push the rotor can be moved now and remove belt.

5. Put the new belt exactly as the old ones were available. Watch as a serpentine belt system must follow a certain path.

6. Put back on the strap that holds the rotor position. Tighten the screw to tighten the belt.

7. After installation click on the belt. She should not leave more than 2cm, but no less. Take care not to be too close nor too wide.


If you have opportunity, do not forget pictures straps to how they were mounted.

Never dismantle belts without first remove the negative terminal from the battery.

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