How to check your belts?

A broken belt can be very expensive. Try to get used to checking them from time to time and to change them every 80 to 90,000 miles. Change them when you change the timing belt and should not cost you anything extra to labor.


1. Stop the engine.

2. Pull the lever for the hood, bottom left under the dash.

3. Go in front of the car and put his hand under the hood. You should find a small lever on the front right. Pull it and you can open the hood.

4. On a front wheel drive car you will find belts somewhere to the left of the engine, vis-a-vis the wing, and a rear wheel drive car usually in the front, near the radiator that bumper.

5. Usually there are several belts, depending on the car. Straps are used to operate the fan, air conditioning, alternator, water pump, power steering etc.

6. Click on the thumb to free the belt between pulleys.

7. Check the voltage. A belt should not have more flexibility than 2.5 cm.

8. Watch if cracks appear when you click on it and if it has more flexibility than 2.5 cm. In this case certainly be changed.


Let the engine cool down and watch the parts that can heat up.

Many belts will work better after you sprinkle the special liquid.

If somehow out a squeak when you accelerate, it means they are too weak and need to replace them or collect them.

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