How to check Transmission fluid?

You need to check the transmission oil when the vehicle begins to engage harder. It is possible that the liquid be too messy or its level to be too low because of a leak. You must be very careful in both cases.

It’s very important that you maintain transmission because the transmission oil is one of the most important liquid vehicle. This liquid lubricant has a cooling effect and viscous texture provides power transmission. Favors transmission fluid movement of different parts of the engine, being essential for the functioning of the valve and gear lubrication.

Tools required: long neck funnel, flashlight, goggles, cleaning cloth,


Step 1. Check the correct data. Park the vehicle on a flat surface to get the correct information. Leave the engine running because you need it to be warm when checking data. Check needle and expects to occupy the usual position while driving, between 180 and 215 degrees. Do not stop the engine during this process.

Step 2. Find the level indicator. Find the gauge. Usually has a light color and most cars is positioned in the right engine driver. Do not confuse it with oil level indicator. In all cases, this level indicator will be shorter than the gauge used in the case of oil.

Step 3. Use goggles. Wear goggles and use torch to remove the gauge. Delete it using a cloth fluid. Replace the level and lift it once. Check the data again and compare it with the previous version, when the engine was warm.

Step 4. Add the liquid. Add small amounts of transmission fluid if the level is low. Use the funnel with a long neck to not spread around. Pour it through the channel level indicator. Check the level using the gauge after each amount added. It’s very imortant not to pour too much liquid in transmisie.Cu Although many new models do not require changing the transmission fluid, older models require this change every 39000 km.

Step 5. Control the color and condition of the fluid. It controls the color of the liquid should be pink to red transparent. If the transmission fluid is brown, it must be replaced quickly. Control liquid state by rubbing a small amount between your fingers.

Ideal state will be soft to the touch. If fluid shows pieces of different materials or smells wrong, burnt, able to present serious problems. In all these cases, the transmission fluid should be changed.

Although the change itself should be done by professionals, the time when it becomes necessary can be determined very simply at home.

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